31st Jul 2014

What is "Canned Heat"?

Canned Heat is bulk packaged ammunition in military surplus cans.

Does Georgia Arms charge my credit card immediately when I place my order?

No we do not. Due to all the Credit Card regulations we are required to authorize your Credit Card at time of Order but we do not actually charge the card until day of shipment!

How can I order Lead Cast Bullets from Georgia Arms?

We conduct all orders for Lead Cast Bullets by phone. 1-770-459-5117. For a list of prices, here’s a helpful PDF resource.

Do you have a Muzzle Energy Calculator?

We sure do! You can find it here.

Does Georgia Arms have a Brass Credit Program?

We do offer a brass credit program, primarily provided for regular Georgia Arms customers, not for buyers of other brands of ammo. Feel free to call for details, and please have your calibers and quantities ready when you call. 1-888-623-6861

I don’t live in Georgia, do you ship bulk ammo to my state?

As long as you don’t live in Alaska or Hawaii, yes! We will ship regular surface, UPS or FedEx to your street address anywhere in the lower 48. Please note, we cannot ship to a P.O. Box. It must be a street address.

Didn’t Georgia Arms have a recall a few years back? What kind of ammo was it?

Yes, Georgia Arms initiated a preventative recall in July, 2014, for 223 77gr and 75gr match ammunition that was loaded with Sierra Match King Bullets. In our own quality control studies, we found some inconsistencies with one particular lot of ammo, which was numbered 0919125001.

I want to buy a gift certificate for my cousin. What’s the deal with that?

Getting a gift certificate from Georgia Arms is totally easy to do. You can do it right on this site. Just click “Purchase a Gift Certificate” anywhere in the navigation, and fill out the easy to use form. Your gift certificate will be emailed to your chosen recipient after your order has been paid for!

What do I need to do to redeem a gift certificate?

Redeeming a Georgia Arms gift certificate is easy! You’ll need to either keep, write down, or access your unique gift certificate code that was sent to you or to someone you bought a gift certificate for. That code would have been sent as an attachment in the original email generated when the certificate was purchased. Once you have this code, just browse through our online inventory like you normally would, add your desired items to the cart, click “view cart,” then put your gift certificate code in the correct box. Click “Go,” finish your transaction, and enjoy your gift certificate purchase!

What’s your gun show schedule?

Great question! You can check that out here. Hope to see you at an upcoming show soon!