"NEW" .45 Long Colt 250gr Round Nose Flat Point

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"NEW" .45 Long Colt 250gr Round Nose Flat Point

"NEW" .45 Long Colt 250gr Round Nose Flat Point

Velocity: 725 FPS

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    45 colt

    Posted by Michael Herring on 18th May 2021

    Very good ammo I’ve got no complaints other than price but not blaming Georgia arms on that. With the demand of guns and ammunition at this time. But yeah I’d buy more of these 45 colt rds and I’d prefer them to anyone wanting some good 45 colt 250gr cowboy loads.

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    45 Long Colt

    Posted by John Stone on 21st Nov 2020

    Both the 250 gr and the 260gr +P JHP shoot very tight groups in my 1892 Winchester.

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    Ammo performance

    Posted by LAH053 on 29th Jul 2019

    I have been shooting this ammo forecvewr at leazt since i have owned my Colt .45 SAA abd ny Henry .45 Colt LA. I hacvwe nothing but good things to say about this ammo and this company's performance. Consistent low powder smoke and accurate!!! I ordered the hollow point anno and can't wait for Deer seaaon where I'll use my Henry. Shot the Hollow Points out of it and there was low recoil and little smoke but tore the hell out of the bullseye. Just can't wait Thanks Georgia Arms dfor such a pleasant experience.

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    .45 LC

    Posted by Abraxas Patton on 26th Jun 2017

    Some of the best rounds I have put through my Taurs Judge and Marlin 1894.

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    Excellent quality

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Aug 2015

    Hard hitting and excellent accuracy at 25 yards. My next order will be 500 rounds of canned heat.

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    Excellent ammo and priced right!

    Posted by Bryan Williams on 7th Apr 2015

    Picked up 100 rounds and out of my 7.5in New Vaquero, accuracy is very good.

    Also the stated velocity (750fps) maybe a bit conservative as they all seemed to have a bit more "oomph" than the other brands I had on hand.

    Will be ordering again very soon!