5.56 Ammo

Are you looking for 5.56x45mm ammo that’s especially made for your 5.56 NATO rifles? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Georgia Arms has all the new and remanufactured ammunition for your 5.56 Rifles you want, at prices you’re sure to love! There are very few innovations in ammunition that have had more direct impact on humanity around the civilized planet since WWII than the 5.56x45mm NATO rifle cartridge. The sheer number of 5.56 shells that have been used domestically and abroad to preserve peace, provoke wars, or protect the innocent, is quite astounding.

In the years following World War II, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization agreed upon a 7.62x51mm rifle cartridge, which was intended to replace the .30-06 as the standard NATO rifle cartridge. Although the advanced technology and heightened firepower was a welcome addition to most military combatants throughout the globe, it was soon discovered that the 7.62 perhaps had too much firepower to be effective in the full auto m-14 adopted by the military.

The problem with the seemingly unbridled power of the 7.62 was a negative trade off, as the power increase was not worth the amount of recoil and full auto effectiveness that would be necessary for military situations. And largely due to this, a cry went out for a solution that would maintain a more correct ratio of firepower to effectiveness of control. That solution, which did not fully become implemented by NATO until 1977, was the very same 5.56x45mm rifle cartridge we have today.

When enthusiasts are talking about shooting .223 Remington ammo in 5.56 chambered firearms, experts deem this as safe. But most experts would not recommend doing the opposite (shooting 5.56 ammo in .223 chambered firearms). But the good news for rifle enthusiasts is that Georgia Arms has successfully created their own hybrid 5.56 cartridge that can be SAFELY FIRED IN AR OR BOLT-ACTION RIFLES! So when you’re ready for the most versatile 5.56 Ammo available, made from the Southeast’s favorite new and remanufactured ammunitions maker, put in an order for Georgia Arms 5.56x45 Full Metal Jacket ammunition. Or for WAY more bang for your buck, go big with Canned Heat (available in 500pk & 1000pk). Either way you choose, you won’t go wrong with Georgia Arms, your favorite resource for new & remanufactured ammo.