.40 S & W

40 S&W Ammo

The 40 S&W cartridge was developed by Smith & Wesson and Winchester, and debuted in January of 1990, as a law enforcement cartridge that would duplicate the ballistics of the, then current, 10MM FBI “lite” load, but in a much smaller weapons platform, (the same as 9MM) that typical agents with smaller hands could control better.

The FBI had adopted the S&W model 1076 in 10MM, following the studies done by the Firearms Training Unit in the aftermath of the 1986 Miami Shootout. The 10MM drove a 180 grain bullet at 1200 FPS and was determined by the FTU to be the most effective LE cartridge available in 1988. Problems started to crop up quickly during the weapons transition, with complaints including: too much recoil, too much muzzle blast and grip frame too large.

John Hall, of the FTU, undertook to develop a lower velocity round that still out performed the other two platforms tested, the 9MM and the 45 ACP. He determined that a Sierra 180 grain hollow point bullet at 950 FPS would meet or surpass all other rounds tested. The FBI then contracted Federal Ammunition to load the now extinct, FBI “Lite” 10MM load to match the specifications indicated by the FTU.

At this point, the Smith & Wesson product development team realized that they could produce a shorter cartridge with the same bullet diameter as the 10MM, which would lend itself to the current 9MM platforms in production. A star is born as the saying goes! Of course, the fact that Smith & Wesson named the cartridge, did not give them exclusive rights to chamber it. In fact, the Austrian firm of Glock was able to produce guns chambered in 40 S&W and have them on the shelf at the same time or even a little before S&W did!

That was 26 years ago. The 40 S&W has now been chambered by every serious gun company although most have shortened the name to simply 40, or 40 Cal, preferring not to stamp the “S&W” logo on their own pistols. Today, this cartridge is one of the most popular in the entire world of handguns, and the handguns themselves have firmly established a place with worldwide pistol enthusiasts. Especially in law enforcement, this cartridge is perceived as a 9MM sized weapon with the potential for stopping an armed perpetrator with the same authority as the timeless 45 ACP.

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