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357 SIG Ammo

Are you looking for .357 SIG ammo for your Sig P229, Glock 31/32/33, the all-steel SIG Sauer 226, or any other popular or unique handgun chambered to fire .357 SIG ammo? If so, look no further than Georgia Arms. While generally compared to many other popular handgun ammunition in one way or another, .357 SIG bullets are unique in their own design, and have played a very important role in firearm ammunition since its inception in 1994. Designed originally to mimic the performance capabilities of the .357 Magnum, but in a semi-automatic weapon instead of a revolver, the .357 SIG immediately became a favorite among law enforcement personnel all around the United States.

With a standard 125-grain load, the .357 SIG can get the job done quickly, powerfully, and efficiently. Contrary to its Magnum counterpart, the .357 SIG diverts a large part of recoil energy. Some users prolong their own recoil-phase pulsing due to the weight of most pistols necessary to chamber these shells. So all in all, the total recoil phase of the .357 SIG relies very much on the strength, balance, and experience of each user. Most shooters will find the ease of multiple firings with .357 SIG handguns to be somewhere in the middle of most popular handguns, and most popular ammunition loads. The balance between power and ease of use is probably why such institutions as the U.S. Secret Service, Federal Air Marshals, Texas Ranger Division (Chuck Norris himself would have used a .357 SIG, if he never learned the roundhouse kick), and various other state and municipal law enforcement organizations. At one time or another, most law enforcement agencies have either used or considered using .357 SIG ammo for their respectively chambered weapons of mass protection.

Technically speaking, .357 Sig bullets from Georgia Arms typically shoot between 1,350 and 1,450 feet per second, which is especially substantial in light of the general 4 inch barrel of most pistols associated with .357 SIG ammo. So if you like a lot of bang, with a median amount of buck, in a gun that actually feels like a gun of substance, a .357 SIG chambered handgun might be the right choice for you. If you or someone you love is in need of .357 SIG ammunition, Georgia Arms can help you find exactly what you’re looking for, with the perfect blend of high quality assurance standards and reasonable pricing. Call, come by, or order a shipment today!




**Special Note**

.40 S&W ammo should NEVER be used in a pistol chambered for .357 ammunition, as it will very likely cause damage to your firearm, and could cause serious injury or even death to the person firing the gun.