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10mm Bulk Ammo 

The 10mm Auto ammo we reference today as the 10mm is typically the 10x25mm cartridge. This mighty round takes a little more substantial pistol to chamber and fire it successfully—the natural result of being generally 3mm longer than its modified offspring, the .40 caliber S&W bullet. Some great examples of these types of high potency pistols would be the Colt Delta Elite, the Wesson Titan, the Glock 40 MOS, the Sig Sauer P220, the EAA Witness, and a whole host of other heavy-duty handguns.

In fact, 10mm pistols and ammunition may not be the #1 choice for the faint of heart, or for the limp of wrist. But they are the choice for many firearm enthusiasts who like a little more bang for their buck! If you need high-quality 10mm ammo, Georgia Arms is your best bet for success!

The 10mm auto cartridge was drafted and championed by Jeff Cooper in 1983. The first mass-produced 10mm cartridge was unveiled inside the Bren Ten pistol that year. Swedish manufacturers would soon after improve and redistribute the design of the 10mm Auto cartridge. Soon thereafter, in 1989, the 10mm was subsequently utilized by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. Despite 10mm ammo having a shorter historical pedigree than the 9mm (1902) or .380 ACP (1908) cartridges, the rounds power and increased effectiveness has caught the eye of law enforcement agencies and handgun enthusiasts from the beginning. However, not long after adopting the original 10mm design, the FBI determined its power and the costlier firearms necessary to fire the bullet were both deemed to be a little too substantial for average agents in the field, and was thereby decommissioned for general FBI field use.

But by no means was the FBI decommissioning the end for the 10mm concept ammunition. In fact, to make the shell a little more “user friendly,” an alternate version was created as a shortened shell, and presented as the more compact .40 Smith & Wesson (10x22mm). The implementation of the .40 S&W immediately went mainstream, as the sacrifice in power and necessary pistol chamber was deemed a fair trade by weapon-wielding institutions. This thereby caused the .40 S&W ammo and its specifically chambered pistols to increase in popularity. To this day, the .40 caliber shell has garnered more mainstream popularity than the 10mm. But for those who like the additional power, the 10mm Auto ammunition cartridge is still their prime choice.

When you’re looking for the best new or remanufactured 10mm bulk ammo anywhere in the entire southeast, look no further than Georgia Arms. We specialize in quality control. We insist on flawless manufacturing, based from the very beginning on a thorough, multi-point quality-control checklist. And all that happens before we ever even consider turning brass casings into live ammunition. Discover the Georgia Arms difference today!